Hello, I'm Ross McIvor

Currently I build Beautiful, Hand Crafted websites and interfaces for BBC Northern Ireland, while I plan my journey around the world!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Philosopher Laozi
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What i do

Web + Graphic Design, UX

Adam Ross McIvor

Front-End Web Designer

Work and Education

BBC Northern Ireland

Feb 2014 - Present

Front-End Web Designer

Working in the BBC is fast-paced, colourful and always requires the use of creativity and innovation to provide an elegant, smoothly finished piece of work. I create beautiful AngularJS applications, create gorgeous GUI's and work on print masterpieces that always showcase my vast array of skills.

I am in charge of all the graphics, UX and creative descisions within the Technology Innovation Group. From the discovery phase to the implementation phase I work alongside software developers and hardware specialists to ensure the correct methods are used and the best outcome is achieved.

Since starting here at the BBC I have worked on a number of high priority projects that include the North West 200 Mobile app which provided the fastest live lap times from the event, the rebranding of the Technology Innovation Group and their online showcase and designing a Print booklet for the head of BBC Northern Ireland Technology, that has circulated the BBC nationwide, with great success.

Ulster University Jordanstown

July 2014

Advanced Diploma in Project Management

Recently this year I started a course on project management to try and boost my career prospects. This was a part time course which I completed while working at the BBC.

I found it quite difficult, since I have no previous experience of the topics, but now I am confident in my skills and in myself to lead a team well.

I have put this into practice in my current role within the BBC and it continually helps me complete projects and to motivate the team I work amongst.

Manchester Metrolpolitan University

May 2013

BSc Honours in Web Development

Leaving home at 18, I spent my time studying Web Development in Manchester for a few years. To be honest, the first year was pretty easy since I had taught myself alot during college. We learned the basics of web design, and the interactivity between myself and the client enabling me to complete projects more professionally.

During second and third year there was extensive content that has enabled me to produce brilliant proposals, the ability to work well with clients and an to produce excellent final pieces that are crafted to perfection.

One thing University taught me was leadership. I lead most of the group projects, meaning that I could use my skills to boost confidence in other students and keep my team skills on top of the rest.

Freelance Web Developer

2010 - 2014

Web Developer and User Experience Designer

While I was studying Web Development in Manchester Metropolitan University, I worked as a freelance designer. I began my journey when my auntie asked me to do her website. Visit Jill Walker here! Honestly, I was pretty lost and it took me forever, but I fell in love with the end result and the satisfaction that I had crafted something beautiful that was what my auntie desired.

From then on I knew I wanted to start my journey to learn to craft brilliant websites that are both elegant and user friendly. I really enjoy working with people face to face, which in turn has boosted my customer service skills through the roof! I could literally chat to anyone! (Thats probably a curse though!)

The best thing about being a freelance designer, apart from the client interaction, is definately the freedom. It really built my character, and really pushed me to organise my workload around my social life and my university work.


Adobe Photoshop CC

90% Complete

Adobe Illustrator CC

80% Complete

Adobe Indesign CC

70% Complete


50% Complete


100% Complete


90% Complete


50% Complete


80% Complete

What inspires me?

Design, Sound and Video


Visit SoundCloud

Why Soundcloud?

To be honest, I love music! I can't do anything without a song playing in the background. It makes my brain tick, and makes me produce work far beyond that of a quiet studio.

Also, I am a fan of indie/non-commercial music, massive in-fact! I love hearing the new tracks released each day on the way to work. Usually Monday mornings are the best.

I have a few playlists that you can listen to, or feel free to follow me if you're interested.

Webdesign Inspiration

Visit Webdesign Inspiration

Why Webdesign Inspiration?

Webdesign Inspiration has literally anything I am looking for to get me in the mood for a new project. All the sites are professional, and they also come with a breakdown of styles, colours and even the target industries when published.

I usually search for a colour, or for a style and go on a bit of a journey before I even put pencil to paper or finger to touchpad! Definately worth a look around.


Visit Abduzeedo

Why Abduzeedo?

This guy has been around for a long time, and I would be quite shocked if you haven't stumbled upon his work. Personally I love the style of all of his work, and the use of clever techniques to produce the results are fantastically explained in a tutorial for almost all of his work.

I absolutely love this one!

Simple, Clever and Elegant work.